Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

The Wrong Journey

Before I start please have a read at the ‘About Me’ section. It gives you a little backstory to the blog and where (I hope) it intends to go.

I’ve had an incredible few weeks in my school. I’m beginning to have a greater appreciation of the people I work with. I work with some talented and wonderful people, not just students, but staff. Despite heading 100kph to half-term, my colleagues and I still have some capacity to engage in good old debates. All in good nature of course! When we’re done analysing DT’s latest cringe-worthy faux pas, the staffroom has been debating all of the current ‘wrongs’ in education.

A random topic maybe, but hear me out. Recently a number of colleagues across the organisation visited ResearchEd in Amsterdam. The event was led by Tom Bennett and his ‘Edumyths’ brigade (an affectionate phrase I assure you), our team were hit with some shocking revelations. Apparently we’re teaching everything wrong! This is obviously a simplistic summary but in turn, this was the reoccurring theme of the event.

She blinded me with science

Apparently educators have become blinded by educational ‘movements’ that are not based on fact or research. We base our decisions and pedagogies on emotions and ‘gut feelings’, despite those feelings masking truth and realism. As educators we have apparently lost sight of challenging these processes. We have lost the ability to critique the practice that dictates our daily lives. I don’t really want to delve too deep into the content delivered during ResearchEd Amsterdam, but if you’re interested you can read more here.

Ultimately, something resonated with me that day. The thought that some of the pedagogies and methods I have used over the past 10 years may have be based on pure crap. Simple as that. A frightening thought you may agree. While I may not have fully understood, liked or agreed with the content delivered that day – it has got me thinking.

What if everything we know about education is wrong? What if my love for technology has blinded my ability to think critically about its purpose and value? What if the process in which we support professional learning and development is all wrong? What if? What if?! If everything is wrong, who is right and why?

This is where ‘The Wrong Journey’ begins. As mentioned in the About Me section, this journey is inspired by a range of authors, provocateurs and edu-personalities who have led a call to action. A call to challenge my thinking. To scratch at the surface of my beliefs and see if they hold true. Let’s see where it takes me…

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